Produce comprehensive
traffic management plans, in under 2 minutes.

Combining traffic management regulations, industry best practice, and all the information you need to efficiently plan your works all in one place and all through a browser.

Produce comprehensive, compliant, consistent, cloud-based, cost-effective traffic management plans, in under 2 minutes.

Automate the often costly, time-consuming, and error-prone process of traffic management planning.

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Automate every step of your traffic management planning.

TMPA significantly improves visibility, transparency, and auditability for all stakeholders — From the initial planning and diversion routing through to asset inventory lists, and installations.


‘Red Book’ compliant traffic management plans reduce the risk of fines, delays and mistakes.


Plans are shareable in real-time across your supply chain, share them across Teams/Zoom to agree on works in minutes.


A SaaS portal provides real-time updates across multiple worksites and around-the-clock access from any device.


TMPA significantly shortens the time, effort, and cost it takes to produce consistent traffic management plans.

Producing a plan is simple

Define the works area

1. Define the works area

This includes the duration and type of works, the required working space and accommodates for vehicles, HGVs, bus routes, cycleways and pedestrians.

2. Auto-draft plan

The system automatically creates a traffic management plan in under 2 minutes — complete with signage and asset inventory lists.

Auto-draft plan
Review plan

3. Review plan

You can always review the auto-draft to amend as necessary and automatically generate diversion routing to avoid road closures.

4. Collaborate & share

Collaborate via MS Teams/ Zoom, create PDF copies to share with colleagues, whichever way you want to work.

Collaborate & share

Explore the most disruptive traffic management planning solution to enter the highways market in the last 30 years.